Assalamu Alaikum Dear Community members
Great News!!!!!!
As per latest mandate from Alberta Govt; Alhamdulillah Alfalah Center is opening doors for daily services. In sha Allah, from TOMORROW (Thursday) at Isha Salah Alfalah Center will start accommodating 40 BROTHERS in all five time prayers at the Masjid including jumma & taraweeh prayers.
Following conditions apply;
1. Registration is compulsory. Please fill form using the below link. First 40 brothers will receive email confirmation. Please do not show up at the masjid without email confirmation.
2. Sisters, seniors(70+) and children (under 14) are not allowed at this time and in sha Allah Alfalah Center will try to accommodate them in the future. Please use this link for self assessment:
3. Volunteers will be at the entrance to make sure everyone is following the guidelines 2m social distancing set by Alberta Health Services. Please use hand sanitizer at entry/ exit.
4. Each prayer is only for mandatory raka’ats (Fard). Please pray Sunnah at home. Everyone MUST leave immediately after the prayer. No socializing.
5. Washrooms are Closed so please do Wudu at your home.
6. For safety purposes, prayer mats are compulsory.
7. Parking lot will be closed except for volunteer vehicles.
8. Please come prepare to donate for the masjid as we will have 5-10 mins fundraising during Jumma & Taraweeh salah
Community members’ cooperation is very important to make this transition easy. May Allah keep us safe and healthy…aameen
Alfalah Management Committee
ICNA Edmonton